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Ignorance can kill July 1, 2008

Posted by Center for Inquiry Office of Public Policy in Action Item, Commentary.
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More on abstinence only and its harmful effects on our young people: on June 1, the Washington Post reported on the Parents for Truth campaign which is being launched by the National Abstinence Association. The association sent out an e-mail to organize 1 million parents nationwide to lobby their local schools for abstinence-only sex education instead of “real sex” education.

We posted a lengthy blog (May 5 2008) on the perils of abstinence-only education. We urge you to take every opportunity to monitor sex education in your local schools and make sure our adolescents are learning about “real sex” and effective contraceptive methods.

Meanwhile, another threat, from a movement called “The Pill Kills.” Of course the pill doesn’t kill–but ignorance can. The anti-abortion movement is now becoming the anti-contraception movement, spreading false rumors about how contraception works and equating it with abortion.

Why? It’s fundamentally an assault on women, a religiously based attempt to get us all back into long dresses, the kitchen, and servitude. It’s also an assault on children, because children whose births are planned and who are wanted by their parents thrive and become responsible adults; children who arrive unbidden and unwanted disproportionately populate our prisons.

Have the abstinence-only people thought of that?